Website Structure

Website Integration and Functionality

Developing the website structure for your new or improved site should start with consideration of the website functionality and integration of relevant search terms to the content. This process should be undertaken after identification of the relevant keywords and phrases and prior to the site design and development. This is because often the website structure will determine certain aspects of the site layout.

For effective search engine optimisation, it is important to allocate the identified search terms to specific pages and areas of the site. At the same time, functionality and the user experience is important, including the amount of content available within each section, to ensure that you appear as a specialist in relevant products and services to retain visitors to your website, such that they make an enquiry and/or place an order.

At Calibre, we take the identified search terms and incorporate these into a chart of your site structure. This helps us to identify how many pages your site will need and hence the menu structure of your website. The next step is to prepare the content for each of these pages, again incorporating the relevant keywords. In this way you can be sure that your site will be optimised to best effect.

For further details of our website services, including development of your site structure, search term integration and website functionality, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation discussion.