Keyword Research & Analysis for Website SEO

More Visitors, More Enquiries, More Sales

Thorough keyword research and analysis will ensure that it is your website that is listed in response to relevant searches, and hence visited more often so that enquiries can be made and orders can be placed.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of searches every day for the vast majority of products and services. That is real people looking for information to inform a purchase or a supplier for a product or services. Effectively looking for you! The majority of searches are on the internet, using keywords and phrases that the prospective customer thinks are relevant.

The development of your website should start with the keyword research and analysis. This will inform the site structure and the menu for the website; even influence the website design. The process can also be applied to an existing site to improve SEO (search engine optimisation) performance.

Calibre specialises in keyword research and analysis, using relevant keyword tools, and our expertise helps identify those words and phrases that potential customers are already using to find businesses and organisations such as yours. Taking into account keyword ranking as well, we can then recommend the relevant search terms to appear on your website and integrate these into the site structure.

Please contact us at the early stages of your website development to discuss improving the optimisation of your site so that you will appear high in relevant keyword search listings.