Website Design

First Impressions Count

The design of your website, that is the graphic layout and styling design as it appears on the screen, is an important element in the development of a new website.  First impressions count and a web design that looks professional, smart and in keeping with your brand / market positioning will ensure that more visitors stay on your site and for longer.

When designing a new website, it is important that it reflects your existing corporate identity, both for consistency and recognition.  The website design must also make the site easy to use with the key functions and facilities of the website clear and simple to access.

There are also some rules about site layout, which will again assist visitors in being comfortable to use the site and in finding their way around. For example, horizontal main menus are now preferred, your logo / branding / strapline should be in the top left hand corner and your telephone number and email address should be in the top right hand corner.  Please contact us for further advice in this respect.

The style and design of your website is only one element in the considered development of a new website.  Other very important aspects include search engine optimisation, site structure and the all-important website content (Google and the other search engines cannot see the styling of your website, only the words on the page and the alt tags that you use to identify pictures and other images).

At Calibre, we have been developing and designing websites almost since the internet began!  Whilst we use a number of trusted partners to actually develop and code the website, or are quite happy to use your existing website developer if you already have one. We are experts at managing the website design, optimisation and content development.  Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and a quotation.