Website Design and Development

Website design and development is essential to the success of almost every business or organisation.  A new website is often the first step in our relationship with clients as your site is such an important reference point.  Indeed, many of the communication campaigns we run for clients can be termed as website-centric.

As a full-service website agency, the website design and development process we utilise is comprehensive including:

  • SEO Evaluation: An assessment of the optimisation of your website, and those of your competitors, to provide a benchmark for the build of your website.
  • Website SEO: Using keyword analysis and keyword tools we research and shortlist the keywords and phrases used as search terms for your products and services.
  • Website Content: Utilising the prominent search terms as keywords and phrases, we copywrite the titles, text, meta information, alt tags (for images) etc for your site.
  • Website Structure: Using the results of the SEO evaluation we structure your website to be both optimised and easy to use, with full integration and functionality.
  • Website Design: The styling of your website is designed by our associate website designers to fit with your corporate branding and customer needs.
  • Website Development: Once the website design and website content is ready we then develop your site through to launch, liaising with you throughout.
  • Website Launch & Promotion: Once your new site is available we can help you inform everyone using search engine and online marketing, direct marketing techniques and media marketing activities.

For a comprehensive approach to website development giving due consideration to optimisation and design for best results please contact us for a detailed discussion.