SEO Copywriting

Does Your Website Contain Effective SEO Content?

Effective SEO copywriting will deliver written content that is not only persuasive and motivating, but also provides search engines with succinct text that includes a key list of phrases and words to ensure a given page or website is ranked more highly than your competitors.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) describes a practice which all search engines recognise, where they pick up keywords from websites, along with well written content. Working in conjunction with other online criteria (e.g. links, blogs, social media), they then rank and grade the site accordingly,

Calibre has a dedicated team of copywriters who utilise the latest SEO techniques. We will initially perform a keyword search for your business to identify the search terms that potential visitors will type in to find the site. Without this analysis we cannot confirm what volumes of traffic you may or may not be trying to attract.

Next, we integrate the keywords into the website page content. This is a very structured process where we consider page title, meta description, page headers, URLs, main body of text, then image titles and videos. This process will include what you see on the page when you are reading it as a viewer, plus it incorporates what search engines robots are looking for as they crawl through the site.

For more information about SEO techniques and to arrange a free SEO evaluation of your website, please contact us and speak with a member of our team.