PPC – Pay Per Click Campaigns

Google Adword Programmes

Pay Per Click, or PPC as it is often known, as the name suggests, is a very cost effective form of advertising as you literally only ‘pay per click’. Using Google Adwords, and similar adverts on other search engines and websites, social media facilities etc, you only pay a small fee once the prospective customer clicks and arrives on your website.

PPC complements natural search engine optimisation, and is particularly useful when a website is new or for very competitive search terms. They place you at the top of the search engine results. Your PPC spend can be controlled by selecting the most appropriate keywords, by geography, by time of week and day, and much more.

We can manage your PPC campaign to ensure that it will give the best return on investment. This includes the selection of the keywords, including negative keywords, structuring the campaign, writing the advert text for best result and ongoing management for a cost-effective return.

To discuss a Pay Per Click campaign using Google Adwords and more, please contact us, today. We will be pleased to discuss how this can be balanced with natural SEO for the best return on your online marketing spend.