Search Engine & Online Marketing

Search engine marketing is extremely effective.  Calibre acts as an SEO (search engine optimisation) agency using our SEO consultants to deliver effective online and search marketing programmes.

Search engine marketing is about being listed where your prospective customers are searching for you.  This used to be in printed directories but is now principally on Google and other search engines.

You’ve got to be in it to win it.  If people are looking for your type of product or service they almost always intend to purchase and so you must be highly placed in relevant search results.  Our search marketing process has a number of activities including the following:

  • SEO Evaluation: An assessment of the SEO of your website, and those of your competitors, to see how much work is required to be listed in a prominent position.
  • SEO Content: To provide a firm foundation for SEO, your website must have the right content and so we copywrite all of the titles, text, meta information, alt tags etc.
  • Link Building: Having ensured the content of your site is correct, the next most influential activity for Google and other search results is for us to utilise link building.
  • PPC Campaigns: To complement natural optimisation, a Google Adword programme can deliver immediate listings, and you only pay when a visitor arrives at your site.
  • Online Marketing & PR: Content is king!  The more online content about you the better, and so we run online PR and marketing campaigns to boost your profile, links and SEO.
  • Social Media: Use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, in relevant proportions to your business type can give you a heightened presence online and also benefit SEO.
  • Video Production for Online: Google loves video, particularly as they own You Tube.  Suitably optimised, video is great for both SEO and your visitors’ experience on your site.

Search engine marketing and SEO has many facets.  It is a coordinated campaign of online marketing activities that will position you prominently in the search engine results and so drive visitors to your website, generating enquiries and orders.  Please contact us for further information and a discussion about your search / online marketing requirements.