PR Campaigns

Public Relations (PR) Campaigns – The Heart of Media Marketing

Public relations, or PR, campaigns, lie at the heart of media marketing, supporting all of your other promotional activities. PR can be extremely effective in influencing your target audiences, whether clients, peers or stakeholders, ultimately enhancing and increasing the reputation of your business within your marketplace.

A successful PR campaign will be far more effective than advertising alone, achieving one or all of the following:

  • Establish your expertise among your peers, the press, and potential clients
  • Build goodwill among your customers, your suppliers, and your community
  • Create and reinforce your brand and professional corporate image
  • Inform and create positive perceptions regarding your company and services
  • Assist you in introducing a new service or product to your market
  • Generate sales or leads
  • Mitigate the impact of any negative publicity or corporate crisis

Utilising the skills of our PR professionals and talented copy writers, Calibre can provide the traditional PR services of press release writing and distribution to printed media. But we can also take this further by developing relationships with your identified business media to place case studies, articles and feature contributions that will be read by your target markets on a regular basis, establishing your company as an authority in its field.

This same material will be invaluable in generating content for your website, online press portals and file sharing websites which will greatly improve and complement your SEO. It can also be used in the news section of your website, for blogs and for social medial messaging. In addition, documents such as case studies, articles and technical papers can be provided for presentation to clients and used as downloads from your website.

For further information about Calibre and how we can enhance your company’s reputation though a PR campaign, please contact us today. For maximum effect, consider complementing your PR campaign with a complementary advertising programme.