Networking & Keeping in Touch With Existing Customers

A networking meeting provides the perfect opportunity to meet with real people.  However, they are best used as part of a wider marketing strategy.

Attending networking meetings can take up a lot of time.  Therefore, as with any other marketing and promotional activity, a networking meeting should be judged on whether it includes your target audience.

Networking is a great activity for new businesses and those whose customers are of a local nature and include a wide cross section of other business people.  Larger companies and organisations tend to network within their industry or trade and so networking via conferences, exhibitions etc may be more worthwhile.

Calibre has a lot of experience in using networking to target additional business.  We can advise on the groups to attend and even coach on how to utilise networking to best effect.

For further help with networking and using this tactic to best effect, please don’t hesitate to contact us.