Media Marketing Including PR (Public Relations) Marketing

Media marketing is our term for more traditional forms of marketing communication and promotion including PR marketing.  Indeed a major element, and a foundation for a campaign is public relations, including use to develop the content for many other marketing materials and promotional activities.

Media and PR marketing is particularly effective for targeting those that you do not know, or know of, who may not be aware of your product or service or are not necessarily looking to purchase at this time (direct marketing and search marketing may be more suited to these).  There are various facets to a media marketing campaign including the following:

  • PR / Public Relations Marketing Campaign: A mix of activities including press releases, case studies, articles etc to obtain coverage in your media, including online.
  • Advertising: Whilst there are much more cost effective means of communication and promotion, carefully targeted, focused advertising campaigns still have a role.
  • Exhibitions: From national exhibitions to local trade shows, geared to your target audience, make the most of your presence, even with those who are not attending!
  • Seminars / Workshops: Great promotional potential whether an event or online, such as a webinar or similar.  We can maximise your audience numbers and reach.
  • Event Management: In addition to promoting your event, we can also handle the organisation, management, administration, invitations and much more.
  • Presentations:  Once we get you in front of your customer, you need to deliver.  We develop presentations that impress and aid conversion to order.
  • Networking: Using our expertise and local contacts we can ensure that your networking and referrer / referral programmes are targeted and effective.

These traditional media and PR marketing techniques have an important role to play, including building awareness of your business and your product / service portfolio. This can even aid the search marketing and direct marketing techniques by helping to ensure that it is your Google listing that is clicked on, and your direct mail or email that is responded to. Please contact us for further information and to discuss a cost effective campaign.