Marketing Management Direction and Advice

Complementing Your Marketing Management Team or Acting as Your Outsourced Marketing Manager / Director

Marketing management, and providing relevant direction and advice, is Calibre’s core service. As classically trained marketing managers, we know exactly what it takes to act as your freelance outsourced marketing manager.

Marketing management requires a blend of expertise and experience to manage all aspects of the marketing mix. Whilst some companies have this in-house, for others it is difficult to justify a full time position to provide the skillset. For them, it is well worth considering using an outsourced or freelance marketing management service.

Utilising the services on a part-time basis of a skilled marketing manager makes economic sense. A high level of direction and advice can be obtained, but only when and as you they need it.

Calibre provides an outsourced marketing management service. Indeed, it is where we started. Using our experience, gained whilst employed within a cross-section of large multinational blue-chip brand-leading companies, as well as medium sized businesses, you can have all the benefits of a full-time marketing manager at a fraction of the cost.

We will become very much a part of your team and always on call either managing and/or implementing your communication and promotional activities. For further details and a no obligation discussion, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.