Website Audits

Website Review, Analysis & Optimisation Recommendations

A website audit, or website review, will provide an in-depth analysis of the optimisation of your website, both from the perspective of the search engine (SEO) for optimum ranking and of the visitor. This means, it will examine not only how to attract visitors to your site but also how to retain them by providing suitable information and turning the visit into an enquiry.

The optimisation of your site depends on many facets. These include the content and construction of the site (search engine optimisation) plus website links, social media etc. However, the site also needs to perform from your visitors’ perspective.

We consider the site optimisation in depth in our website audits, we also review the visitors’ experience, examining the architecture of your site, the amount of appropriate and other factors that will retain their attention and encourage an enquiry or order.

For a website audit and in-depth review of your site, with a full analysis of optimisation structure and performance, please contact us. If your website is not performing for you, talk to us and we can advise.