Marketing Communication & Promotional Plan

Encourage Enquiries and Generate Orders

A promotional plan will summarise all of the relevant marketing communications activities to promote your business or organisation. If you do not need a full marketing plan, then a promotional plan will encompass the essential marcomms activities to target your audience, raise awareness, encourage enquiries and generate orders.

A promotional plan will start by identifying your target audience. The tighter this can be defined, the more successful and cost effective your marketing communications activities will be. This is because they will be directed to those with the best potential to purchase your products or services.

A promotional plan will then list the different types of communication that can be implemented, typically under the headings of search marketing, including all online activities, direct marketing and media marketing, encompassing more traditional marcomms methods.

A promotional plan is a great way to get your marketing campaign underway. From the documented plan, we will then work with you to prioritise the activities for implementation, give you an indication of costs where relevant and, of course, assist you as far as you need.

To book an appointment to commence your promotional plan or for any further advice on marketing communications activities, please do not hesitate to contact us.