Marketing Training

Marketing Training from Calibre

If you need marketing training, whether it is for a group or on an individual one-to-one, or even mentoring basis, we have significant experience in delivering training programmes tailored to your requirements.  As experienced marketeers and marketing trainers, we know the essentials of a good understanding of marketing strategy and activity.

Marketing training can cover all aspects of the marketing mix, from an understanding of the original four Ps (product, price, place & promotion), often now extended to include the planet, people and customer service, through to marketing strategy and how this fits with the overall business objectives and vision, marketing expertise is a worthwhile skill.  Indeed, for marketeers, it is important to continue education as the techniques and tools available are constantly changing, particularly with the latest moves to increased online marketing and the extra facilities this has provided.

Attending marketing seminars and marketing workshops, is very beneficial.  Even if you already have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of marketing, a refresher is always useful.  Some seminars and workshops will consist of very familiar content.  However, it is always useful to have your current knowledge confirmed and there will often be additional hints and tips that are learned.

At Calibre, our Directors have much experience as marketing trainers, having delivered marketing training, seminars and workshops for many different audiences and marketing training on a one-to-one, mentoring basis.  Marketing training is not only provided for commercial companies but also via local enterprise agencies and, indeed, to those participating in the Young Enterprise scheme.

We offer a variety of marketing training courses, usually delivered at your premises or a convenient venue, covering marketing strategy, marketing tactics, market research and all other aspects of the marketing mix.  Standard and tailored marketing training programmes can be provided.

In addition to group training, we can also provide one-to-one marketing training for individuals, both formal and on a mentoring basis.  This allows us to tailor the content to the individual’s requirement, often taking into account the type of business you are running, managing or working within, thereby ensuring that the marketing strategies and communication methods are appropriate.

For marketing training, seminars, workshops or one-to-one and mentoring, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be pleased to recommend our standard courses or discuss a programme to individual requirements.