Marketing Strategy

Develop a Marketing Strategy to Optimise Your Marketing Investment

Marketing strategy, to meet your business objectives, should provide the direction to the implementation of your marketing programme. A quality strategy is the link between what you need to achieve and the things you will do.

The marketing strategies are typically documented along the lines of the classic or marketing Ps (products / price / place / promotion). This will form a key element of your business plan along with your financial objectives and strategies and those relating to resources, etc.

As classically trained and highly experienced marketers, we can assist you with developing your marketing strategy and then selecting the tactics and activities that will deliver the results. We can also assist with implementation to provide the best return on your marketing investment.

In addition to developing the strategy, we can also document this in a marketing plan. For further information, please contact us. As freelance outsourced marketing directors / managers, this is one of our specialities.