Market Research

Market Research

Market research helps to inform your marketing strategy by providing an understanding of your customers’ and potential customers’ needs and opinions.  By using a range of marketing research methodologies we are able to provide direction for your marketing activities by understanding, for example:

  • What your customers need to know about you
  • How they prefer that information to be delivered
  • Their preferred channels of communication
  • Their decision making process
  • Their opinions!

We utilise both qualitative and quantitative market research techniques.  Whether we speak to your customers face to face, by telephone, using an online market research questionnaire, or in a focus group we can provide you with good insight into how your customers operate and how they like to engage with their suppliers.

We treat each project on an individual basis and design the most appropriate marketing research questionnaire and programme to best meet your needs.  This could include:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

Your employees are the key interface with your customers and often have useful insight on what your customers need and how this should be delivered to them. We also run Employee Workshops to tap into this font of knowledge and to aid development of your marketing strategy.

We are happy to discuss your market research requirements in more detail.  We have a number of market research examples or cases studies available which may provide you with a greater understanding of how market research can be used to your benefit.

We are able to design market research methodologies which both meet the needs of your marketing objectives and your marketing budget.  Please contact us to discuss your potential project or requirements.