Lead Generation Via Telemarketing and Telesales Programmes

Telemarketing, or as it is also known telesales, is great for lead generation. There is no substitute for talking to customers, whether to obtain information, to generate enquiries or to close a sale.

Typically a telemarketing campaign commences with validating the contact details for the prospects. However, the opportunity can be taken, even then, to obtain further information on the level of interest in your product or service. After this, telesales activities come into their own for generating an enquiry or converting an enquiry to an appointment or order. Telemarketing is versatile and can be adapted to the requirements of your direct marketing campaign.

We can assist with developing your telemarketing campaign, including determining the target audience for your telesales activities and the best approach, then turning this into a brief for the telemarketing team selected (we can make recommendations in this respect too). We can also assist with the script and management of the telemarketing campaign to ensure that it provides the lead generation and order results.

For further information or a discussion please contact us. Consideration of your telemarketing campaign should be undertaken as part of a coordinated direct marketing programme about which we can also advise.