E-Bulletins & E-Newsletters

Keeping You in Touch with Customers and Prospects

An email bulletin or e-newsletter is a great way of keeping in touch with both customers and prospects at a very cost effective price. You can issue a regular communication to keep your name in front of them and broaden their knowledge of your products or services, available advice, promotional offers etc for just a penny a time.

If, as you should, you have built, or are building, a database of your existing customers and potential prospects, than an e-bulletin is essential. Many products or services are not purchased on a regular basis and so it is your company or organisation that needs to be considered when they are. A regular e-newsletter and email marketing programme helps to maintain awareness, especially at the time of purchase.

Bulk email marketing should be sent from appropriate software. This will ensure that your domain is not blacklisted by email servers and will also help you appear far more professional, particularly as the e-newsletter can be smartly branded and consistent with the other aspects of your corporate image. The software will also allow you to see how many people have opened the e-newsletter and how many have taken an action, such as a link to your website, and indeed who has taken that link, so that you can follow them up in other ways, perhaps by personal email or a telephone call.

There are some restrictions to email marketing services. Particularly, if you are targeting domestic customers in their own homes, then all recipients need to have “opted-in”, effectively agreeing that you can communicate with them.  For business users, the rules are far more relaxed.  Please contact us to discuss.

At Calibre, we have much experience of providing an email marketing service and using e-bulletins and e-newsletters to good effect. Indeed, we issue them on a monthly basis for the majority of our clients. Therefore, we are in a strong position to advise you on how to utilise this very cost effective form of marketing communication.  Please contact us for further information and to discuss the opportunities.