Direct Mail

Target and Communicate with Your Identified Contacts

Direct mail enables you to reach your identified contacts with the appropriate marketing messages targeted to that individual. Concise, relevant and persuasive direct mail will attract attention and ensure your business brand and messages are remembered.

Successful direct mailing is dependent on the quality of your database which should include your contact’s name, company, postal address and email address, and ideally their telephone number for follow up telemarketing.

A postal mailing is more appropriate in targeting new markets and prospective customers but can be expensive when having to consider producing printed materials and covering rising postage costs. Electronic direct mail is an extremely cost effective and increasingly acceptable alternative method suitable for contacts that are already aware of your business products and services, and who happy to hear from you. Our direct mailing services, both postal and electronic, can be used to:

  • Introduce your business to a new market with an attention grabbing ‘offer’ piece
  • Launch a new product to an existing market with informative features and benefits
  • Advise new applications of existing products through case studies and customer testimonials
  • Educate your customers with advise on the pros and cons of technology usage
  • Announce company news and successes to customers, suppliers and stakeholders

We can work with you on a project by project basis or formulate a direct mailing campaign that will support your promotional and PR activities, making your marketing more cohesive and effective. We can assist with producing compelling content and design for your direct mail piece, coordinating the mail out, collating responses and analysing the results to gauge the campaign’s success and build on this for your future.

To find out more about Calibre and how direct mail can target your identified contacts, please contact us today.