Direct Marketing & Direct Mail

Direct marketing, by mail and, more cost effectively, by email is a great way of keeping in communication with customers and prospects that you know or know of.  In this way, they are much more likely to purchase your product or service when needed and to have a broader understanding of your business and range.

Most products and services, particularly those in the business-to-business sectors are not needed every week or, month.  Therefore, when a customer does need what you provide it is your name that they must think of.  Direct marketing provides the required repetition and Calibre, as a direct marketing agency, can deliver the campaign that you need, utilising the following services:

  • Database Development: The key to an effective direct marketing campaign.  Database management and building provides a firm foundation for your programme.
  • Direct Mailing Marketing: Working with you to define the target audience, we brief / produce your direct mail content and arrange the mailing to your customer base.
  • Email Marketing: A highly cost effective means of regular communication and promotion, we use e-bulletins and e-newsletters with the majority of our clients.
  • Newsletters: Printed newsletters still have a part to play, acting as a summary of the latest news, particularly to target those that are not opening emails / e-newsletters.
  • Telemarketing: An essential element of any campaign to validate contacts, for optimum targeting, and for follow-up of enquiries and/or recipients to order.

You should keep in regular contact with your customers and prospects. The last thing you want is them buying your type of products and services from someone else.  A direct marketing campaign is the best way to do so, even complementing your personal calling.  For further information, please contact us and we will be pleased to advise.